What I ate today 😋

Hello, darlings!

Today I thought I’ll show you what I ate. I’m vegetarian since February, so I’m not eating meat or fish. If you’d like me to tell you about my thoughts on vegetarianism, then leave a comment below or like this post.

So, let’s start!

For breakfast I ate oatmeal with banana, blackberry and flax seeds on top. Flax seeds are really great for you if you’re vegetarian or you don’t like to eat fish, because they are high in Omega-3, which helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart attack.


After breakfast, which was at about 9AM, I studied for my exams, and I didn’t even get hungry, just at 2:30PM.

So, for lunch my mom made vegetarian pizza and it was super delicious!! 😍

She made the the pizza dough and then she put ketchup on the top. After that she packed it with frozen veggies (carrots, peas and cauliflowers) and also a red onion. Then it went to the oven and later she grated some cheese on the top of it.


A couple hours after lunch, in the afternoon I did some exercises, such as crunches, lunges, squats and some other stuff.

My dinner was at about 7PM, and since I wasn’t really hungry, I ate two puffed rice cakes (is it how you call them?) with cocoa flavoured peanut butter and bananas on top.


So, this is what I ate today.

I hope, you enjoyed it. In the next post I’ll show you the recipe of my favourite smoothie. 😋

Thank you for reading!

Have a beautiful day or night! 😘

I love youuuuuuuu,



3 Days In London – Day 2

Hello, dear readers! 😁

So, here is the second post of my London trip.

Let’s start!

On Saturday, we woke up at 8AM, and went down to the restaurant, where I wasn’t taking pictures, but my breakfast was bacon (I wasn’t vegetarian back then), toast, blueberry muffin and some orange juice. It was really delicious. 😋

After breakfast we wanted to go to see some museums, so we went to the National History Museum and the Science Museum. They were really amazing, and they are free, so I recommend you to check these when you’re there.


And I found the cutest car in the whole world, which I fell in love with:

The BMW Isetta 300


Try to convince me that this is not cute! 😍😍

Once in my life I’ll buy a car like this one, and I’ll go around the world with it, and I’ll be the coolest chick everywhere. 😄😁 #weirdgoals


After the museums we wanted to see the Kyoto Garden in the Holland Park, and we walked a lot until we finally found it. But it totally worth it, because it was beautiful! 🤤😍

The photos were taken by my brother, and he is an amazing photographer as you can see:


If you want to see more, check out his Instagram:


So, I thought, because we didn’t really do much on Day 3, I’m gonna end this post here now, and in the next one you’ll see the end of this day and also Day 3.

I hope you enjoyed my post! ☺️

Like it if you’ve been in London before or if you’d like to go there once. 👍

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice day or night! Bye,

Minnie 😘


What made me have anxiety

Hello, my darlings! 😊

First of all, I’m sorry for not posting since about a week. I wanted to, but as a mentioned in my last post, I had exams last week, and I was a bit sick too because of the stress and just my regular anxiety that I sometimes have.

This is why I thought that I’m going to talk to you about this topic.

So, I want to tell you a couple of things that happened to me in the last about 8 years (don’t worry, it won’t be so long… just a little 😇).

First stuff, I’ll tell you about primary school, where the whole anxiety started.

In here, primary school takes 8 years. The first four years are the lower grades and then the second four years are the upper grades. After the first for years we get new teachers, and in my case, the class was separated for different groups, such as Advanced English and Regular English, and the same thing was with Literature too.

1. The Literature Chaos

Now, I have to tell you, I love Literature, I like to write poems and different stories or fanfictions, but those two years with that teacher caused me a ton of anxiety, stress and misery. I usually felt terrible, because somehow (until this day, I have no idea how) I always forgot something for that class, for example I left my book at home or I forgot to do my homework. And it was totally accidental, I didn’t mean to do those.

So, actually thinking back, it wasn’t the teacher, that made me anxious. Actually, which teacher wouldn’t be nervous when there are constantly problems with a student? No, it was the fact that somehow those problems happened, and this is where my anxiety  started.

So, for two years I had no confidence, no motivation and no goals for the rest of my life. I just wanted to get out of that place and never go back. It’s ironic, that after we went to high school, I missed it so badly, because we got together with the other Literature group, and their teacher was awesome. Seriously, the most inspiring woman (beside my mom and my sister) in my life. And then in high school (of course in last year, why not?) I got another amazing Literature teacher, who is also really inspiring and funny.

2. The P.E. Problem

So, the other thing that made me really badly anxious in a pretty young age, was P.E.

Yes, physical education.

I have to say, again, I love to do exercises at home and I love to use the stationary bike too. But since I’m really stubborn and also shy, I didn’t like to do those things that the teacher wanted me to do, for example the rope climbing and actually I wasn’t really the best in anything that has a connection with sports. I mean I can play basketball and things like that, but I like to do them with my friends or alone.

I realized a few months ago, that my real problem is that when I have to do an exercise in front of the whole class (aka the negative crowd) I start shaking and getting nervous.

This “P.E. problem” also started in primary school, and came along with me until high school’s last year. I had four P.E. teachers, and I don’t even have to say, I wasn’t a favourite for any of them. And again, after that, for the last year in high school we got a normal P.E. teacher, who was also really inspiring.

So, with those bypasses, I wanted to show you, that with the time everything gets better. You just have to think positively, and the most important thing is that you got to have faith. And also, don’t be afraid to try new things, because I was, and I thought they were huge and heavy, but some of them are actually pretty nice and easy. 😉

These are the things I wanted to mention to you today. Sorry, if it was a bit confusing, but I’m still recovering from the exam stress.

Anyways, if you’d like to tell me anything (seriously, anything), you can write a comment or an e-mail. I would really appreciate to talk with you, so if you have anything that you want to say, or if you think I can give you any advice, or you just want to talk, then go ahead. Write to me! 😉😘

Have a wonderful day or night!

And don’t forget. I love you!! ❤️💛💙💜



3 Days In London – Day 1

Hello, darlings! 😊

Today I’d like to show you what happened to me in London last year. I wanted to write this post since I started my blog and finally here is the first part of it.

I hope you’ll like it! 😉

So, we (my mom, my sister, my brother and me) went there at the 7th of October and we came back at 9th of October.

On friday (7th October) we flew with Ryanair from Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport to London Stansted Airport, from 6:30AM to about 9:00AM. It was the first time I flew and I really loved it. It was amazing to see clouds and the landscape from up there. 😍

After we arrived to the airport in London, we hopped on an airport transfer bus that took us to Victoria, and then we walked to the John Islip Street and checked in our hotel, which was the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel London – Westminster. It’s a pretty pricey hotel, but since my sister worked in one of the Hilton Hotels in Budapest, she had a discount, so it was cheaper.

As soon as we got our keycards and went up to the rooms, I fell in love. Also, at the reception we got cookies which made me love that place even more.


After that delicious cookie I made a cup of coffee in the room, and then we had sandwiches for lunch, because we made them at home for the flight, but we didn’t eat all of them and we didn’t want to throw them away.


Then we had a bit of a rest and relaxation before we went for a walk nearby.

We walked to the Victoria Tower Gardens, saw the Buxton Memorial Fountain and the Palace of Westminster, which had a really amazing structure to it, it was beautiful. We also saw the Big Ben and the London Eye, they were great and considerable.

IMG_0830 másolata

We walked in the St James’s Park and we saw some squirrels, they were very cute. We went through a bridge and from there we saw the London Eye. Perfect view 🤤


After the walk we got some dinner. We ate sandwiches and drank some tea in the hotel, and then we took a shower and went to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed my post!

The next part will come on the next weekend, because I’ll have 4 graduation exams next week, so it depends on how tired I’ll feel. Wish me luck!

I love you so much, and thanks for reading! 😘

Have an awesome week!




Face Palettes I Bought From Ebay

Hello, my beautiful friends! 😊❤️

Today I am going to write about 3 face palettes I bought from Ebay or Aliexpress.

I bought them because the real ones of these palettes are pretty expensive, so I wanted to try the fake version of them to see how they work.

So, let’s begin!

1. theBalm The Manizer Sisters


So, I bought this for I think 5 or 7 dollars on Aliexpress, and the thing about this product is that it looks pretty much the same then the real one, but the Mary-Lou part is a bit dark for me. Since I haven’t tried the real one yet I don’t know if that would also be this dark, but I like it anyway, because in the summer it’s really really beautiful on my cheeks.

Cindy-Lou is a great blush for me. I like shimmering blushes, because since I have oily skin, it looks more natural on me.

And Betty-Lou is really nice as a bronzer on me, or as an eyeshadow.

The only negative thing I would like to say about this palette is that it’s a bit too powdery, so you should really tap off the excess product from the brush before you apply it. But otherwise the colors are nicely pigmented.

Here are the swatches, the first one is natural light, and the other is with flash.


2. Too Faced Love Flush Blush Wardrobe


I love this blush palette!! 😍

It’s really pigmented and it has beautiful colors. Usually I use ‘Love Hangover’ and/or ‘How deep is your love?’.

It was I think 6 dollars, and it really worth it. It’s amazing.


3. theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples?


So, this is the last palette I have from Ebay, and it was I think around 5 dollars.

It’s a cream palette, which is perfect for creating a more natural look. I usually use ‘Pie’ and/or ‘Crisp’, but in the summer I’ll try the other ones too. I also wore the combination (‘Pie’+’Crisp’) on my prom, at is lasted for a long time, so it is great for special events too.

And here are the swatches:


That was it for today.

I hope you liked it!

I really love you! Have a nice day/night! 😘




My Makeup Collection #1 – primers, foundations

Hello, darling!

Now I’m going to show you the biggest category of my makeup collection, which is foundations, and I thought that I don’t have much primers, so I put those here too.

Since I have a really light skintone, I tried and I’m still trying a lot of foundations, and there are a lot, that I can only use in the summer, because they are too dark for me.

I have to say, that I don’t really have much makeup (except this category), because I’m not buying makeup all the time. A couple years back, when I started to experience makeup, then I did, but now not really.

So, let’s start with:

1. Primers


The first one is the Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base, which neutralizes the redness and makes my makeup stay on all day. But don’t use too much of it, because then you’ll look like a ghost or a vampire 👻

The other one is the Essence All About Matt! Oil Control Make-up Base, which also makes the products you put on top of it last longer. And it helps a lot with large pores, it minimizes them pretty well.

2. Bottle Foundations


So, I’m going to start with the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation, because I used that a lot. This foundation makes your face really matte! So, if you’re not into that, then it’s not for you, but since I have oily skin, I really like this. It smells really amazing, at least for me. 🙂 And it last quite a long time, so I love it.

The other two I haven’t tried yet, because I’m not really having the time in the morning to paint a whole face of makeup on, and for school I don’t really like to wear anything else, than lipbalm, and sometimes a little blush and a tiny bit of mascara. But most of the time, I’m not wearing anything, just lip balm.

3. Tube foundations


This category contains 4 products, but I’m going to write only about two of them.

First, the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation, which I wore on my sister’s wedding, and it was on my skin from 11AM to next day 2AM. It was the same when I applied it, and before I took it off. It lasts a really long time, and I actually used the powder with it, so it was double matte and stayed on twice as long.

The other one is the InstaGlow foundation from Miss Sporty, which is perfect for light makeup days. It has a really sheer coverage, and I love it so much when I don’t want to wear much makeup.

The other two I also didn’t really use, so I think I’ll maybe give it to my friends or someone in my family.

This weekend I’ll have an event where I’m going with my sister, and I’ll make a post of it, so keep an eye on the blog for my makeup, outfit and hairstyle. 🙂

That’s it for today. In the next makeup collection post, I’ll show you concealers, powders and BB creams.

I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

I love you, and I wish you a really good day and week!





Best Movies for Rainy Days

Hey, guys!

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite movies I watch when I want to have a chill out day, but it’s raining outside and I’m a bit moody.

These films are giving me so much inspiration and make me love my life a bit more. 😊

1. Under the Tuscan Sun


“A writer impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany in order to change her life.”


This movie and Diane Lane in the movie incorporates my dream life. I’d like to move abroad a few years from now, and this movie always makes me work a little harder in achieving my goals for a better life.

2. The devil wears Prada


“A smart but sensible new graduate lands a job as an assistant to Miranda Priestly, the demanding editor-in-chief of a high fashion magazine.”


I think it’s a classic if you’re a fashion lover. 😍

This one teaches you really well that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

Plus! Best actresses ever!

3. Last Holiday


“Upon learning of a terminal illness, a shy woman (Queen Latifah) decides to sell off all her possessions and live it up at a posh European hotel.”


Sounds sad, but is actually funny and has a happy ending.

From left woman to right woman, and dreams come true.

What more could you need?

I love that movie which has a big transformation in it, do you? 🙂

4. Mrs. Doubtfire


“After a bitter divorce, an actor disguises himself as a female housekeeper to spend time with his children held in custody by his former wife.”


Again. Transformation. 😄 Not that kind, but Robin Williams and young Pierce Brosnan?

And realllllly funny!

Wow 🤤 Love it!!!

5. Dirty Dancing


“Spending the summer at a Catskills resort with her family, Frances “Baby” Houseman falls in love with the camp’s dance instructor, Johnny Castle.”


Also a classic movie and makes you dance. 💃🕺

And Patrick Swayze. I mean… who doesn’t love him? Amazing.

So, that was it for today.

I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Tell me your favourite movies in the comment section down below if you want to.

Have a lovely week! I love you! ❤️